Portland, October 2013 event recap

Portland is full of so many entrepreneur and startup centric organization and we are so lucky to have them as supporters of Startup Poker. This month we had a long-time staple of Portland NedSpace host our event this October. Startups launched and funded inside NedSpace have raised well over $55 million dollars include: Puppet Labs, POWR, Second Porch, SweetSpot Diabetes, App Thwak, Wikisway, Gadgetrak, Paydici, JourneyGym, CarDelMar, Giving-Sphere, Greenleaf Juicing Company, BikeCop and Portland Ten.

Eric Turner, CRESA - Knocked Out

Eric Turner, CRESA – Knocked Out

None of this fun and connection is possible without the continued support from sponsors like Turnstone. Adding to that list of fantastic sponsors in Portland is CRESA. They were good sports and handed over their bounties without too much pain. We are also attracting passionate and driven founder from across the river in Vancouver, WA. David Martschinske of Focus Designs is pictured above being presented / taking the bounty from CRESA’s Eric Turner.
Mark Grimes knocked out by Chris

Mark Grimes knocked out by Chris Gueits

And now the winners:
Portland October Winners

Portland October Winners

1st Place: Don Hollerich, CEO, Seconds
2nd Place: Tim Getsch, CEO, CheckOutMyCards.com
3rd Place: Kevin Croy, Founder, 9-Mile Labs

If you are a founder, executive, investor or supporter of the startup community please contact Tyler Phillipi directly or fill out the online form.

Also, check out the Portland Startup Poker Facebook Page for photos from each event and info about upcoming events.


Seattle, September 2013 Event Recap

Tonight was remarkable for several reasons.

2013-09-26 19.24.09

First, we had more first-time players than we’ve had at one event in a long while.  By show of hands, I’d estimate at least 25% of the crowd.  New players means more new relationships… and that’s what Startup Poker 2.0 is all about.

Second, we were hosted in the new SURF Cabana event space.  It’s really a great space.  The official grand opening is tomorrow night but we got to test drive the space in advance. The SURF Incubator team of Seaton, Neil and Brandy have been tremendous supporters of Startup Poker 2.0 and we’re all very grateful.

Third, there was a LOT of action!  The pot was one of the biggest ever (not a new record but probably in the top three.)  The high-roller structure worked well again and now that the kinks are worked out we’ll make it an option in the other Poker 2.0 cities.

Here’s how it turned out for the winners:

2013-09-26 22.35.13

1st Place: Just Soliz, CEO, Seconds
2nd Place: Tim Getsch, CEO, CheckOutMyCards.com
3rd Place: Kevin Croy, Founder, 9-Mile Labs
4th Place: Geoff Simons, CTO, iHearNetwork
5th Place: Tony Macias, Founder, MyPriceApp
6th Place: Richard Wood, Parter, First Hill Partners
7th Place: Myster Man, Founder, MysteryStartup

2013-09-26 19.08.50

Our good friend and sponsor, Jimmy Kwan, from Turnstone Furniture was traveling and couldn’t make it tonight; but his stand-in, Matt Chung from Vital Source Staffing, did a great job representing for Jimmy.

And as always, please say thanks to last our generous sponsors:

Turnstone Furniture

SURF Incubator

Portland, September 2013 event recap

Another great event under it’s belt for Portland Startup Poker 2.0! A huge thank you to Turnstone for supporting the Portland Startup Poker as we grow. Though a core of ‘regulars’ has appeared in Portland, each new event brings with it some new faces.

Typethink Poker and Beer

Chilled Typethink Pint Glasses

Portland Startup Poker 2.0 has a few traditions that are forming but one that stands above is its exploration of a new location, company and part of Portland. This month we got to explore Typethink and their location in a historic part of downtown Portland. Their office lies on a cobblestone street, on the downtown MAX line, only blocks from both the Waterfront Park and Skidmore fountain.

As the games progressed and beer flowed we had the resurgence of an old Startup Poker 2.0 tradition of “Company Announcements for Chips”. In poker there is a lot to be said about timing and chip stack, so as stacks dwindled and liquid courage was imbibed people one by one began to stand up and make announcements about their company to the entire group in exchange for an additional 10 chips!

Winners with Chip Guards in their mouths!

September Poker Winners!

And now the winners:

1st Place – Milos Jovanovic, Spaceview

2nd Place –  Joel Rank, Typethink

3rd Place – Rami Kassab, Typethink

Portland has a growing group of startup founders, investors, sponsors and  hosts but we are always looking to add more. If you or someone you know fits either of those categories, in any of the cities running Startup Poker 2.0, please reach out to us via the website or directly to the local organizer. Hope to see you at the next event.

Also, check out the Portland Startup Poker Facebook Page for photos from each event and info about upcoming events.

San Diego, September 2013 event recap

We had a blast at the third San Diego Startup Poker 2.0 event! We welcomed several new faces to Poker 2.0, including Rareş Săftoiu and Bach Le of Shopventory, who recently returned from TechStars in Boulder.

Poker SD Sept 2013 cd

We continued to improve the tournament flow based on feedback. This time, we rotated people to different tournament tables with the aim of keeping total chips at each table fairly consistent. This seemed to result in more players staying in each round. Keep the great feedback coming!

Before the tournament we asked people to share any recent good news about their company or fund and the response was overwhelming. We were incredibly inspired by how much great progress is being made by startups in San Diego and we’re really looking forward to watching them these ventures grow.

We also welcomed a new corporate sponsor—Paul Hastings law firm, represented by Ray Bertrand. To welcome Ray, we placed a $20 bounty on his head which Russ Hall won in the first 90 minutes of play.

Poker SD Sept 2013 (6c)

Here’s how it turned out for the winners:

1st Place: Melani Gordon of TapHunter
2nd Place: Russ Hall of Tech Coast Angels and GROWconnections
3rd Place: Daniel Marashlian of SlimSurveys
4th Place: Ray Bertrand of Paul Hastings
5th Place: Mark Caldwell of Apmetrix (another newcomer to Poker 2.0)

Poker SD Sept 2013 (28c)

This time we had a better ratio of women to men—1:5. A woman took the top spot this time too. In fact, Melani battled her cofounder Flash Gordon over several hands in order to get to the final table. Way to get it done, Mel!

Poker SD Sept 2013 (16)

Thanks again to our sponsors Embarke and Paul Hastings. Please share the love with a tweet to @embarke and @Paul_Hastings with the hashtag #Poker20!

San Diego, August 2013 event recap

The second San Diego Startup Poker 2.0 event is in the bag and was a ton of fun. We had an even bigger turnout this time and John Lynch of Kaleo even brought some awesome prizes!

In addition to the regular winnings for in-the-money players, the player with the most chips at the start of the final round won a Motorboard—a motorized scooter that Lynch provided courtesy of a previous startup. Don’t tell our landlords, but we set up a sweet obstacle course in our office so we could test it out.

Kelly with Motorboard

We also listened to feedback from the inaugural event and mixed up the tables every two rounds. This turned out to be a great change and will stick with us for future events.

We placed a bounty on the heads of our previous winners with the intent of scaring them away. Unfortunately this seemed to embolden Kevin Ball who ended up in the money…again. We may have to gang up on him at the next event. Any sharks out there want to lend a hand?

Here’s how it turned out for the winners (from left to right):Winners Circle

1st Place: Kelly Abbott of Realtidbits

2nd Place: Kevin Ball of Fashioning Change

3rd Place: Bryan Hall of Embarke

4th Place: Jeff “Flash” Gordon of TapHunter

5th Place: David Allison of Nulu

This time we had a 1:7 ratio of women to men. But unlike last time, there weren’t any women in the money. Close, but no cigar. Time to get ‘er done, ladies!

Final Table

We also started some other geeky game at the, ahem, “non-winners” table. That table got as rambunctious as the poker tables! Geeks really do just want to have fun. A special thanks Austin Neudecker from Membright for organizing this.

Thanks again to our sponsor Embarke, Inc. Please share the love with a tweet to @embarke!

Seattle, August 2013 Event Recap

First off, kudos to the great crowd that suffered through hellish Mariners traffic and sacrificed one of the few remaining sunny summer evenings to mix it up at the tables at SURF Incubator.  We ended up a bit lighter on players than usual but I gotta say the player announcements at the beginning were the best in a long time — at least a dozen players made announcements and there were some really awesome ones.

2013-08-27 19.37.03

Again this month, we had some Poker 2.0 virgins and some old salty dogs.  it’s great to have both, especially the newbies… who with time will become the salty dogs.

Cheers to Jacquie Puzas for representin’ for the ladies.  Nice job finishing in the money on the big-bet pot!

Speaking of big bets, the new multi-tier buyin structure worked great again this month; and since the big pot players were the most prolific group of rebuyers, they split a hefty side pot.  Some final tweaks on the process over the next couple of sessions and we’ll be ready to roll out the big pot option to the other Startup Poker 2.0 cities.

2013-08-27 21.54.42

Here’s how it turned out for the winners:

1st Place: Lew Mcmurran, WTIA
2nd Place: Bobby Bertsh, Geniusdelivery
3rd Place: Kevin Chau, Stride
4th Place: Erik Jansen, JRNB Inc.
5th Place: Bob Crimmins, MoonTango

2013-08-27 19.36.54

I was very glad to see our good friend, Jimmy Kwan from Turnstone Furniture, make it to the final table tonight.  I’m not saying that I feel bad for busting him out and claiming his bounty… but let’s just say that if he’d have busted me out then I would have been rooting for him to go all the way.  Jimmy has been a terrific supporter of Startup Poker 2.0 and a lot of fun at the tables.

2013-08-27 19.36.06

And as always, please say thanks to last our generous sponsors:

Turnstone Furniture

Windows Azure

SURF Incubator

Feel free to share your love with a little tweet:


Portland, July 2013 Event Recap

We had a great time at Upstart Labs great Pearl District office. We got a good mix of old and new faces in the 6th Portland event in as many months.

Portland July Winners

Chip guards on our heads 🙂

As the event moves around Portland we see different aspects of the startup community and it’s members. This has set the tone for sponsors and locations alike to step up and help sponsor and host this amazing event. If you are interested in helping keep these events diverse in location or sponsor please connect with Tyler Phillipi directly. If you simply want to attend you can contact Tyler directly or apply online to get the regular invites.

Here’s how it turned out for the winners:

1st Place: Nicholas Erler, Co-Founder of Local Plate
2nd Place: Daniel Reeves, Co-Founder of Beeminder

3rd Place:
Bethany Soule, Queen Bee or Co-founder/CTO of Beeminder 
4th Place: Tyler Phillipi, Portland Poker Instigator and Co-founder of OnTheGo Platforms

If you didn’t notice, we had a co-founder duo from Beeminder take 2 of the top 3 spots. So how did they do it? Well Daniel, in his first time EVER playing poker (or so he says), completely mopped the floor with our entire table with only him and myself making it to the final table from our group. While Bethany, who reluctantly played after much encouragement, was the chip leader of her table before going to the final table. It just goes to show you, that no matter your skill level you can come, have fun and WIN at this incredible poker event!

Speaking of incredible poker events, our little group grew this month as the San Diego Startup Poker 2.0 group came online! The Portland players would like to say welcome to our neighbors to the south and their ambassadors Bryan Hall and Shawn Bridgeman. Welcome!

Greg getting knocked out of the July Poker Tournament

Greg Rau on a “bad beat”

And as always, please say thanks to last night’s sponsors… and share your love with a little tweet:http://clicktotweet.com/JU0c7

Turnstone Furniture

Upstart Labs

OnTheGo Platforms

Tyler Phillipi – Portland Chief Poker Instigator