Poker 2.0 at Techstars Demo Day After Party

TechStars_AfterParty 21

Startup Poker 2.0 partnered with Techstars Seattle again this year to produce an over-the-top casino night after party following Demo Day on October 24th.  We (Techstars and Poker 2.0) also partnered with GeekWire to support the inaugural StartupWeek initiative.  With more than 650 in attendance, it was a tremendous party.  We even set a record with the largest Startup Poker 2.0 pot ever!  Congrats the to money winners and the trophy winners.

TechStars_AfterParty 2

Of course, giant, massively awesome tech events don’t just happen by themselves and it takes a tremendous amount of resources to pull one off.  We certainly couldn’t have done it without a LOT of help from our logistics team, Proper Planning Team, and some very generous sponsors.  All of our sponsors step up above and beyond to support the Seattle startup community so please thank them when you see them.

TechStars_AfterParty 46

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors
Atlas Networks

Bronze Sponsors
Bader Martin
Washington Partners

TechStars_AfterParty 86

Media Sponsors

JawFish Games


TechStars_AfterParty 49  TechStars_AfterParty 66TechStars_AfterParty 40TechStars_AfterParty 7    TechStars_AfterParty 92TechStars_AfterParty 13

TechStars_AfterParty 48

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