Portland, September 2013 event recap

Another great event under it’s belt for Portland Startup Poker 2.0! A huge thank you to Turnstone for supporting the Portland Startup Poker as we grow. Though a core of ‘regulars’ has appeared in Portland, each new event brings with it some new faces.

Typethink Poker and Beer

Chilled Typethink Pint Glasses

Portland Startup Poker 2.0 has a few traditions that are forming but one that stands above is its exploration of a new location, company and part of Portland. This month we got to explore Typethink and their location in a historic part of downtown Portland. Their office lies on a cobblestone street, on the downtown MAX line, only blocks from both the Waterfront Park and Skidmore fountain.

As the games progressed and beer flowed we had the resurgence of an old Startup Poker 2.0 tradition of “Company Announcements for Chips”. In poker there is a lot to be said about timing and chip stack, so as stacks dwindled and liquid courage was imbibed people one by one began to stand up and make announcements about their company to the entire group in exchange for an additional 10 chips!

Winners with Chip Guards in their mouths!

September Poker Winners!

And now the winners:

1st Place – Milos Jovanovic, Spaceview

2nd Place –  Joel Rank, Typethink

3rd Place – Rami Kassab, Typethink

Portland has a growing group of startup founders, investors, sponsors and  hosts but we are always looking to add more. If you or someone you know fits either of those categories, in any of the cities running Startup Poker 2.0, please reach out to us via the website or directly to the local organizer. Hope to see you at the next event.

Also, check out the Portland Startup Poker Facebook Page for photos from each event and info about upcoming events.

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