January 2011 Event Recap

Poker 2.0 got off to a great start in 2011!  Special thanks to the event sponsors TechDwellers, Wilson Sonsini and WTIA.

An "Epic" Spread

As always, the density of talented tech entrepreneurs was off the charts and fruitful relationships we’re popping up left and right.  The highlights for the January event were:

  • Our featured startup, CoCollage added a fun element to the event with one of their interactive social display screens and founder, Tyler Philipi, did a great job working the crowd for feedback and biz dev.  Nice job, Tyler!
  • Issac Nichols took the opportunity to publicly announce that his company, TurkForce, was acquired by San Francisco-based CrowdFlower.  Best of all, Issac decided to stay in Seattle rather tan relocate to SF… which is good for Seattle and generated a rousing applause.
  • “The food was epic.”

And the Winners Are:

January Money Winners

Bob Crimmins, Lisa Goodman, Scott Ruthfield, Nick Burke, Jordan Greene, Nick Jordan, Eric Fogel, Andrew Choi, Jeremy Wemple

$ 1st – Nick Jordon, Founder, TonightsOutfit
$ 2nd – Eric Fogel, Founder, EmergentDetection
$ 3rd – Jordan Greene, Founder (TechStars), RewardsForce
$ 4th – Scott Ruthfield, Founder, Rooster Park
$ 5th – Andrew Choi, Founder, AppVyn
$ 6th – Nick Burke, Founder, DirectTrainer
$ 7th – Jeremy Wemple, Founder (TechStars), RewardsForce

Issac Nichols took home the pretty little pink “1st Out” trophy.

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