November 18th Recap

It was another capacity crowd this month’s Poker 2.0. As the event has grown over these past few months, the relationships that I’ve seen ignited at each event just blow me away. Especially rewarding was all the new faces at the tables!  In addition to winning trophies and splitting a pretty damn big pot of dough, we had three high-hand winners and a ca$h bounty winner for knocking out the WTIA’s Lew McMurran.  By looks of the mostly-empty chaffing dishes at the end of the night, the Pacific Rim-themed food was also well received.

A big thanks to WTIA for their continued support as a sponsor. Be sure to check out their new job board — it’s FREE for startups to post their jobs!

A special thanks also to Andy Sack for generously making The Easy available again this month. Andy is doing great things for the Seattle startup community and gratitude of all of us. If you haven’t yet voted for “Newsmaker of the Year” Flashie Award on TechFlash you should vote for Andy.

Trophy Winners

Trophy Winners

The Final Table:
$ 1st – Steve Huson, Founder Autotegrity
$ 2nd – Andrew Choi, Founder TheBellevueStyle
$ 3rd – Dmitry Balin, Founder Pikaba
$ 4th – John Brunsfeld, Founder RewardsForce (TechStars)
$ 5th – Richard Wood, First Hill Advisors
$ 6th – Eric Fogel, Founder Emergent Detection

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