Poker 2.0 does the Seattle 2.0 Awards

The May Poker 2.0 event was a special pre-event function in conjunction with the Seattle 2.0 Awards show.   Unlike the regular monthly games, we pulled out all the stops for this one, including real poker tables, professional poker dealers (replete with white shirts and black vests), awesome trophies and prizes and first-class catering.  I love the energy of these full-tilt events (no pun) and look forward to scaling the monthly events up to this caliber in the near future.

Winners roster:

Limping Loser (aka, first one out), Adam Philip, Aeon Law

  • 3rd Place, Scott Porad, CTO Cheeseburger Network
  • 2nd Place, Parag Gheewala, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosoti
  • 1st Place, Bob Crimmins, Chief Instigator, Poker 2.0

Special thanks to the Poker 2.0 sponsors,, Keiretsu Forum, and Salty Waffle.

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